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European Fresh Flower Arrangement Intermediate Course — San Jose

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If you have learned floral designs or have ample experiences in flower arranging and would like to brush up on your flower design skills and expand portfolio of your floral decorations, we recommend you to join Fresh Flower Arrangement Intermediate Course. Students who have completed Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course at California Flower Art Academy automatically qualifies to enroll in this course. If you are not sure whether or not you qualify to sign up for this Intermediate Course, please contact   Our managing director will make a decision after asking some questions about your floral design background.

By joining this Intermediate Course, you will learn 18 different types of floral arrangement (per the curriculum as of June 8, 2012). There are so many kinds of designs you will be learning at this course. Once you have completed this course, you qualify to sign up for Fresh Flower Arrangement Advanced Course. No matter for what kind of purpose you learn floral designs, it is so important for you to earn decent skills. If you learn it yourself without taking lessons from a reliable instructor, you may form a wrong way of arranging skills. As a result, you will have hard time to make further development of your skill.

If you seriously want to acquire decent flower arranging skills, you are recommended to join this Intermediate Course. Our well experienced instructor will help you to make a difference in floral art.

You can take lessons of this course not only on weekdays but also on the weekend at our San Jose main classroom (in Santa Clara County: Silicon Valley) or Burlingame extension class close to San Francisco Airport. California Flower Art Academy has been engaged in educating local people since 1990 as one of floral design schools certified by Flower Decorators Association that is one of the best established and most prestigious floral associations in Japan.

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