Free DVD: Scientology, an Overview - San Jose

Free DVD: Scientology, an Overview — San Jose

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Have you heard of Scientology? Now you can find out what it is. 
This free 3-hour DVD details the programs and activities of Scientology. 
You will learn: 
1. What is Scientology 
2. Why it became the fastest growing religion in the world 
3. Why a person can be a Scientologist and a Christian/Buddhist/Catholic/etc. at the same time 
4. Who is L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of Scientology. 
5. Why Scientology has the largest and most effective drug rehabilitation program in the world 
6. How to be happier 

If you are interested, please call 408-971-7234: Free DVD: leave your name and address, and we will mail you a copy of this DVD for free. 
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