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Are your headlights cloudy, yellow or dim? Do you have trouble seeing while you are driving at night? Are your lights so dull they ruin the look of your newly washed car? Let There Be Light has an affordable solution for you…plastic headlight restoration!

Let There Be Light's Mobile Headlight Restoration Service consists of refinishing/resurfacing aged headlights that have cracked, yellowed and oxidized due to environmental hazards of heat, travel, weather, and exposure to cleaning chemicals. This oxidized surface condition results in cloudy lenses known to reduce night time driving visibility.

True plastic headlight restoration must remove all of the yellowed oxidation (contamination) and get down to the bare plastic surface. The principles of proper headlight restoration are similar to wood and paint refinishing. Whereby, the contaminated surface has to be stripped, then the base material refinished and finally protected with a proper coating, suitable for those surfaces.

We don't clean your headlights with wipe on chemicals; we properly restore them by refinishing them and protecting them with a specific acrylic UV coating that lasts for years. Yes, there are other lens restoration products and services available. The difference is that our products bring the plastic lens back to its’ original clear finish, whereas most just apply a cleaner or wax that soon wears off after a couple of months.

Our water-based products remove surface damage and fully restores the original UV coating to your lens. Let There Be Light's UV Protectant coating contains state-of-the-art UV inhibitors that create a solid barrier that provides superior resistance to damage and will not yellow, crack or peel with age, setting a new standard with the industry's top of the line plastic liquid clear coats. This single product differentiates us from the rest!

Enhance the beauty of your vehicle with help from Let There Be Light's Mobile Headlight Restoration Service. We will properly restore your plastic lenses at a fraction of the cost of expensive headlight assemblies and save you hundreds of dollars.

Let There Be Light guarantees you the following:

- Mobile door-to-door service at your convenience

- Expert quality restoration

- Improved driver and passenger safety

- Enhanced vehicle appearance and resale value

Customer service is our #1 priority. We at Let There Be Light believe that EVERYONE is an important customer.

Contact us at 510-505-9517 for a FREE PRICE QUOTE and an appointment today. Prices vary depending on the size of your headlights. For additional information, visit our website at: www.ltbl.biz


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